Malleable Reality

As you move through your day, please keep this in mind; your reality is malleable.  If you believe that people lack integrity, are dishonest, will take all they can get if the opportunity arises or are ‘working and angle’, The Universe will provide you every example possible to show you exactly what you believe.

If, however, you believe that others are inherently good, are honest, have integrity, are putting forth the effort of being transparent and showing love as often as they can…The Universe will provide exactly that especially for you.

Your homework for today is to take some time and really think about your thoughts and which direction they take on a moment to moment basis.  You are the only one who can change and The Universe is standing by to help you in any way possible.  Choose wisely. ~ Creator

13 thoughts on “Malleable Reality

  1. […] Source: Malleable Reality […]

  2. […] Source: Malleable Reality […]

  3. Osiearth says:

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    ‘working and angle’ —–> ‘working an angle'(?)

  4. Thisledome says:

    I can see a personal pattern in your writing, it explains to me why all I set my heart on doing; always comes into fruition. And why my help is often sought in various ways by others…Often I when I turn my attention to helping others I find there isn’t a formula that easily fits all. Confidence and attitude, perception and perspective play a part in self belief. Now I fully understand that we are all on the same journey but at different levels of understanding on what makes a winning formula…Thank you for message today…Blessings to you x

    • Yes, Thisledome, you are correct. Some of the Writings are given to me so I can understand what’s going on in my own life and, in sharing them, it’s a comfort to know that others are experiencing the same thing. 🙂 It’s also an honor and very humbling to know that the Writings help so many understand their own personal journeys. Thank you for your beautiful message! Many Blessings to you as well! ❤

  5. ibishector says:

    Our Creator spoke in mysterious ways today concerning te following: “are working and angle”. Can you help me out once more dear Jennifer?

  6. ibishector says:

    Oh, now I understand! The text read: “working and angle” what puzzled and tricked me! What one ‘d’ too many can do! Thank you for the clarification!

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