Start And End

Has someone/thing ‘done you wrong’ or broken your heart?  What has happened that you, yourself, have consciously or subconsciously participated in?  A thief may be full of indignation when another has stolen from them, never realizing that the energy would not have flown that way if they chose not to steal in the first place.  Understand?!  You control your flow and are in co-Creation with The Universe.  Every ripple out there, good or not so good, has a starting point.  What will you choose to start and where will it end? ~ Creator

9 thoughts on “Start And End

  1. jame771399 says:

    Hi thank you as more and more coming to awarenes and there are my team who working on it so no need to be fear thank you Dear Love once my Love and light blessing to all thanks

  2. […] Source: Start And End […]

  3. […] Source: Start And End […]

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