How many times have you told yourself, “I am not special.  I have nothing to offer.  I could be a much better person if only….”?  My beautiful one, it is time to remember something very important…you are special!  Your coming to your Earth plane was not an arbitrary act on the part of The Universe.  Your arrival and life to date was meticulously planned and executed because of what you have to offer your world in this turbulent time!  Even if you do not understand exactly what it is in this moment; know that the answers will be coming shortly.

Take some time today to grasp the knowledge that you are needed, you are beautiful, you are unique, you are participating in very important work and you are loved! ~ Creator


11 thoughts on “Special

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  2. Peggy says:

  3. I’m sorry Jennifer but telling someone they are needed and loved when it is painfully obvious from the mountains of direct evidence this is a total falsehood. When people are needed they know because demands are made of their time, energy and resources. When people are loved and cared about they know because they are included in family gatherings and are often told with kind words or sometimes just a look or a gentle caress.
    I realize you are trying to make people feel better but blatantly hollow words serve only to re-injure those that have felt the all too often fatal blows of societies ultimate betrayal. I speak from experience here. I have absolutely no one in this world. I often go weeks on end without another person even saying hello. I LITERALLY have not been touched or hugged in close to 20 years. A woman? Ha!!! No woman in their right mind would ever have anything to do with me. The really sad part is I allowed my familys dim view of me to become my identity and I cant shake it. I have had strength testing done on me and its official….I HATE MYSELF! It is probably a good thing I have no confidence at all,because if I did I would kill myself on the spot! But no….I’m afraid I will fail again and next time end up paralyzed or on some machine keeping me alive. So, I will soon be investing in a hand gun and I’m gonna blow my brains out onto a big painters canvas live on Youtube. I bet nobody will even watch. I cant even get the help that would save me because there is no funding due to the military industrial complex needing bullets and body bags. I challenge you Jennifer Farley, to find any shred of direct evidence I am needed and or loved by anyone on this Planet.

    • If you choose to leave this world, that is completely up to you. But, I can tell you that what you perceive as “hollow words” are, indeed, NOT hollow….they are very true. You have the ability to change your world, I know you can do it….it comes down to whether you feel the effort is worth it or not.

    • I can tell you one thing from personal experience; projecting does nothing but do more harm to yourself. Blessings.

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