Fix ‘Er Up

As challenging as it may seem at times, it is time to fix your attitude.  You can gloss over the rough parts, smile though the painful and laugh through the terrible.  The chances of things staying exactly as they are will not change unless you choose.  Most often, these actions come from a lack of forgiveness of self… start there, my love.  Even if, in that moment, you do not truly feel it, give yourself a chance.  You are worthy and deserving of a new start. ~ Creator



14 thoughts on “Fix ‘Er Up

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  2. I was lost for a long time because of my attitude towards things, I was losing almost everyone who mattered to me. Then one fine day I dont know what happened and I decided to change. I am still learning still growing still accepting change. But it is indeed very important. Lovely post.
    You can catch some of my works on Would love to receive your feedback! -SA

  3. Peggy says:

    Just ask for help when you need.

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