Your Brief Time

A gentle reminder; your time on your Earth plane is very short.  There are many decisions to be made, paths to explore and emotions to move through.  My darling child, the gifts that each of your experiences bring may not always seem like gifts in the moment, but when you look back on your life you will be able to see how truly beautiful it all is.  Choose wisely, choose happiness, choose wonderful…you will never be disappointed! ~ Creator

13 thoughts on “Your Brief Time

  1. Enemy says:

    You know that my choice is Demiurge, if only you had not messed with my free will so many times…

    But I’m thankful from all the “gifts” I received in the past, they give me the strength to remain patient.

    • No one………NO ONE can ever mess with your free will. It’s yours and no one can take it from you, not even Demiurge.

      • Enemy says:

        Let’s see if I can explain myself…

        Do you think I’m alive today because I want to?

      • No need to explain…..I was once very much like you. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, was everyone else’s fault. I took no personal responsibility for my own actions and the results of those actions. Bad relationship? NOT my fault? Shitty job?! NOT my fault. Eviction from the place where I was living? NOT my fault. The moment I started taking responsibility for my own actions and the results of those actions is when my life began to change. I create, I live, I choose. It’s very simple. Creator is the fuel behind those changes and I am thankful for it.

      • Enemy says:

        I’m glad for you, it’s not easy to move from this darkness… but keep in mind that they will celebrate your success by putting even more difficult challenges ahead of you in a next life time. Talk from personal experience.

        But please, just do what the Demiurge always says and do, ignore me, you’ve done what you could. I’m dead, there’s no fuel to change that.

      • Yes, there is fuel to change that, however, only YOU can access it. I did it at 44 years old so, I know you can. ❤

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