The Rebuild

As your new year approaches, please be aware that you are in the process of being rebuilt.  All that went before in your previous year; the tearing down, the releasing, the ‘deconstruction’ of what you have known is preparing you for the new and amazing to arrive.  Use the space between now and then to rest, take care of your human vessel and align yourself for what is to come.  Your beginning is on its way! ~ Creator

17 thoughts on “The Rebuild

  1. ellion says:

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    Modern architecture…

  2. Sylvia Melaynia says:

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    Re-blogged on SilverAngelsWings Thank you for your loving information. Much Love and Blessings xx Sylvia Melaynia xx

  3. Jonathan says:

    Hope so. Amen

  4. Peggy says:

    Welcome the 2017 . Always let yourself stay in peace.❤

  5. trevor Clearhue says:

    I wont argue on your description of 2016. It has been monumentaly the worst year of my extremely difficult life so far. To top it off, on the day after Christmas I was violently assaulted by the person in charge of where I do some volunteer work. The perp happens to be a hardened criminal and The word on the street is Im a dead man. I have had a feeling in my gut all year that this was going to be my last. Despite the fact the guy that assaulted me is a criminal he happens to be a media darling surrounding the fentanyl overdose crisis Vancouver is suffering from. He is the former president of the harm reduction social action organiation I volunteer for. He has his people closing ranks and tomorrow the board of directors will likely fall prey to the culture of fear and dominace he has there and let him skate from accountability. If that happens it will be the end for me.

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