13 thoughts on “Echoes

  1. Boudichung says:

    Yes ,we are One . Separation is only illusion.

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  3. mbasdeo7 says:

    I WOULD  LIKE TO  BE SHOWN  THE WAY HOW TO DO  IT.  YOU SAY  WE  HAVE SO  MUCH  POWER, BUT HOW  DO  WE GO  ABOUT  USING  IT  ?   I  AM LIVING  LIKE  A  BEGGAR– HAND TO MOUTH  EXISTENCE–  IN  DEEP  POVERTY– WITH  MANY  DEBTS.  WHEN  I  GO IN A STORE, I HAVE TO LOOK  AT  THE  PRICES  BEFORE  I  BUY ANYTHING  ?.  I  NEED  HELP  TO ACQUIRE  THESE  POWERS.                                                                                                                                                                                     MICHAEL

    • Michael, I know you’re frustrated but if you would refrain from yelling at me that would be great. Thank you!

    • Ric says:

      Is like learning algebra, is not easy at first but paying attention to how you hook to earth, universe, your body, your higher self and the words you say, the thoughts you think, the way you behave with yourself for yourself and to the world, universe and everybody in between is what is gonna help you obtain and perceive the new flow … there are lot of rules to obey and to apply for it to happen…it does though, it is a little funny at first but don’t be scare … I’m still figuring it out, sorry I cant help you more… Good wishes though. A

  4. Unicorn Dreaming says:

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