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  3. Pipa says:

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  4. vbrou47 says:

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  5. Boudichung says:

    Yes ,we came here for playing games.
    But most of us have forgotten about it .
    Forget that we are children of The Universe.
    All we need to learn is how to become a happy human being.

  6. Bruce Morris says:

    yes it good for kid like adult to play like kid some time
    to remembder your child hood to play as adult by remember your child hood. peace.

  7. Bruce Morris says:

    it good play games some time to fall back in child hood to remember as a adult,peace.

  8. Enemy says:

    That’s why I can’t channel, if an entity used my mouth to say such a thing…

    Not only they don’t sent any help to mankind, they also like to make fun of us. If planet earth is such a funny place then why there are certain entities who are scared as hell of living here?

  9. Wang says:

    Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are.
    It solely relies on what you think.

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