15 thoughts on “Beautiful Light

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  2. Bruce Morris says:

    thank you i’m learning to love it like baby learning to walk one step at a time i’l know love is key because mother/father GOD is love.

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    Shine on you diamonds!

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  5. Purplewenny says:

    Yes,we are beautiful lights of The Universe.Just like millions of the stars shinging on the Earth.✩★✯

  6. Pipa says:

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  7. Enemy says:

    This beautiful light being is the part of me who said: yes, I’m sending another human to earth again, this time I’m going to give him even harsher and painful “lessons” to see if he learn to submit…

    Nope, not interested in this “light being”. All conflicts, violence, torture and misery only happens because it’s the will of these “light beings”. And after everything, is the poor devil who is blamed for all of those things.

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  9. Millerma says:

    Allow the love and the light of your soul to shine upon the world.
    Let them be the light for others.

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