Thought To Action

Thought/word/deed, imagination/creation/action or any other way you want to put it; this all equals a grand manifestation of what you want. Whether positive or negative, you WILL and DO create everything you experience. If you are experiencing a negative, change the initial thought/imagination to a positive. A conscious awareness will always bring exactly what you ask for. ~ Creator


15 thoughts on “Thought To Action

  1. Reblogged this on hartbridge and commented:
    Your conscious awareness & positivity will change the world. Thank you for all you think in this manner!

  2. Lisa C says:

    Thank you Jennifer. Just what I needed today. Happy Sunday 😊

  3. Bruce Morris says:

    i’l will show all love and kindness ,love is key to speak to other
    a Christ consciousness of love.

  4. Purplewenny says:

    Positive thinking will change your life experiences.
    Thank You. Love ☀

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  7. Pax says:

    Reblogged this on my plastic wings.

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  9. Bruce Morris says:

    thank like the mind of Christ and pure love and move forward in life,peace and love of the light.

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