While moving through your daily existence, remember that each person you come in contact with has their own agreement with The Universe. It is not up to you to understand what that may entail or the reasons behind it. This is just a gentle reminder to treat each person with the love and respect that each student deserves as they travel along their path. ~ Creator

12 thoughts on “Agreement

  1. Bruce Morris says:

    yes i’l see i’l got mad this morning with a sister it will never happed
    again i’m sorry mother/father GOD for get upset this morning.
    thank you for info thank you for show me my wrong thank you.
    love the to life. and for other.

    • It’s OK to get get upset, Bruce. Just remember that it’s one of your jobs to recognize what part you played in the situation, forgive yourself and forgive your sister. Blessings!

  2. gnosticalchemist says:

    …desperately need personal contact with my brothers and sisters, my energetic

  3. Boudichung says:

    Respect other’s choice.
    Accept the consequence of our own choice.

  4. Mor Alev says:

    Reblogged this on Mor Alev and commented:
    Günlük varlığınızın içinde hareket ederken, hatırlayın, temas ettiğiniz her kişinin Evren’le kendi anlaşması var. Bu anlaşmanın içeriğinin ne olduğunu anlamak ya da nedenlerini öğrenmek sizin işiniz değil. Bu sadece yumuşak bir hatırlatma. Karşılaştığınız her bireye sevgi ve saygıyla davranın, her öğrenci kendi yolunda ilerlerken buna layıktır. – Yaratan

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