Surrendering to the ‘flow’ of The Universe may feel like a very unnatural thing to do. However, once the release is accomplished, you will find that things will come much more easily than they ever have in the past. ~ Creator

11 thoughts on “Easily

  1. Bruce Morris says:

    thank you , peace and love.

  2. Millerma says:

    Things uaually may not be as we wish,
    but we can accept the facts first and then face it.
    Resistance and anger are often ineffective
    Just go with the flow.
    Thank You, love.

  3. V.A. Farria says:

    Reblogged this on V. A. Farria Writings and commented:
    Go with the flow. Thank you for the message.

  4. Carolyn Thompson says:

    Reblogged this on heart universe.

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