Winds Of Change

The winds of change are blowing, my dearest child.  It will not always be struggle and tribulation, but it can be if that is what you choose.  It is important to remember to ‘keep your wits about you’ and breathe.  When moving from one level to another, take your time… when you need to….and know The Universe is by your side. ~ Creator

19 thoughts on “Winds Of Change

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    Here we grow again. GLOW with the flow & FLOW with the glow. Love to all from Davo at We in this together as collective consciousness

  3. Daisywhite says:

    keep steady in your heart.
    No ripple will be aroused by the winds.

  4. Bruce Morris says:

    thank you yes we are together in this by love and growing as brothers and sisters in new consciousness of light and love,peace and love of the light.

  5. soundvermont says:

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    I keep saying this myself

  6. Bruce Morris says:

    yes beautiful color of light is comning new and beautiful world of light of love and peace,we are make a different one person at time and mankind as a whole,love and peace,the key is love.

  7. silverangelswings says:

    Thank You Creator and Jennifer….Love is always the answer.
    Peace, Joy & Lover to you all
    Sylvia Melaynia xx

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