11 thoughts on “Changing The Focus

  1. Reblogged this on Sirian Heaven and commented:
    When you feel yourself stuttering to a stop….Breathe. Look. Feel; really feel into the issue presenting itself. Then change the focus from negative to positive. Yes, it is that easy. ~ Creator

  2. Weiwei says:

    I am not a quitter ,and I ‘ll try my best to find why the stop comes .
    Sometimes there’s no reason for it ,and it just happened.
    Sometimes the truth appeared many years later.
    Man proposes, God disposes.
    Anyway ,go with the flow !

  3. Wang says:

    A bend in the road is not the end of the road… unless you fail to make the turn.
    路上的转弯处不是路的终点… 除非你没有转弯。

    – Anonymous 无名氏

  4. Wang says:

    When blocked or defeated in an enterprise I had much at heart,
    I always turned immediately to another field of work where progress looked possible,
    biding my time for a chance to resume the obstructed road.

    – Charles W. Eliot, President of Harvard University

  5. Wang says:

    无法継续,让你感到错愕, 张口结舌 .…
    深呼吸, 观察, 用心去感受 ;
    是的, 就是这么简单. ~造物主

  6. Wang says:

    There is a basic law that like attracts like.
    Negative thinking definitely attracts negative results.
    Conversely, if a person habitually thinks optimistically and hopefully,
    his positive thinking sets in motion creative forces.
    And success, instead of eluding him, flows toward him.


    – Norman Vincent Peale, Minister
    诺曼‧文森特‧皮尔 ,牧师

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