13 thoughts on “Love, Love, Love

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    You were created in love and with love by The Universe. Why try to be anything other than what you are? ~ Creator

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  5. Millerma says:

    Lacking of love or being alone is always an illusion.
    We are eternally in Your Love.
    Love You too. ❤

  6. Wang says:

    Who has not found the heaven below.
    Will fail of it above.
    God’s residence is next to mine,
    His furniture is love.

    – Emily Dickinson ,American poet (1830–1886)
    埃米莉 狄克森 ,美国诗人

  7. Wang says:

    其他那些不属于你的一切呢? ~造物主

  8. Wang says:

    We are
    People who need to love, because
    Love is the soul’s life,
    Love is simply creation’s greatest joy.
    需要去爱, 因为

    – Hafiz of Persia ,poet(1325 – 1389)波斯詩人 哈菲玆

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