In The Arms Of The Universe

In the near future, you will be given a choice to go into and feed the fear of impending doom or remain peaceful in the face of supposed danger.  My lovely child; if you remember where you came from and where you will return when your Earth plane existence is concluded, there will be no reason to ‘buy into’ the chaos around you. 

Continue your beautiful journey, know that there is joy in every single moment of your life and always, always hold the belief that you are loved beyond measure and cradled lovingly in the arms of The Universe. ~ Creator

15 thoughts on “In The Arms Of The Universe

  1. Millerma says:

    Doom or peace is the reflection of your heart .
    In peace ,always.

  2. Owen says:

    Imagine the feeling of being hold in the arms of The Universe.
    It must be secure , wonderful and exciting .

  3. Wang says:

    Regarding your fears in connection with the downfall of a world,
    I ask you to go into deep meditation and to ask the spiritual
    realms of Light for redemption of these fears, which are still
    effective in you.
    Repeat this as long until you can perceive that you have
    been freed of these fears.
    直到你察觉自己 已离开这些恐惧.

    —-Jesus SANANDA 耶穌萨南达

  4. Wang says:

    Everything and everyone is cared for, do not worry, even
    if the events of transformation on this planet are of
    immeasurable force, everything always occurs in God’s care.
    Also the godless ones are cared for, also those, who have
    devoted themselves to darkness, they will grow due to
    these events and will receive new insights.
    Only care about your own perfection.
    一切人和事都被关照, 不要担心,
    不承认上帝的人也会被照顾 ,

    —-Jesus SANANDA 耶穌萨南达
    [萨南达] 最后20分钟, 第一部

  5. Wang says:

    我可爱的孩子; 如果你记得你从何而来,

    继续你美丽的旅程 ,
    并且永远, 永远相信, 你被深爱着 ,
    被充滿爱地怀抱在宇宙的手臂中. ~ 造物主

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  7. Lisa C says:

    A very touching post. Thank you 🙂

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