A Shoulder

When a person experiences a challenge tragedy or loss, one of the most common questions will be, “What happened?” Curiosity can help you attain knowledge and grow, but sometimes there is no room for it.  Asking for details does not benefit or help the person moving through grief….it is for you only. Please remember; if an individual experiencing pain approach you, put your ego aside.  They have come to you for a reason.  Your only job is to hold space, offer a shoulder and to commiserate with them if necessary.  Allow others to heal in their own way just as you wish to heal in yours. ~ Creator


13 thoughts on “A Shoulder

  1. hyavision11 says:

  2. Peggy says:

    Be a friend ,not a director.

  3. moonglow482004 says:

    Just be the there for them and let them talk or cry or encourage them to let it out or cry it out. Just be silent and let them be comforted. Be that warm hug and the tenderness they need at that moment. Just remember it’s about them. If the ask my opinion i feel it’s better to reply with ” What do you think or feel?” Let them exspress not regress. AMEN.

  4. George says:

    Yes, just listen and give your shoulder .
    Love in silence .

  5. Wang says:

    All true love is founded on esteem.

    – George Buckingham, Statesman乔治‧维利尔斯 ,,政治家

  6. Wang says:

    Listening is such a simple act. It requires us to be present,
    and that takes practice, but we don’t have to do anything else.
    We don’t have to advise, or coach, or sound wise.
    We just have to be willing to sit there and listen.
    倾听是如此简单. 它只需要你的存在 ,
    我们只要愿意坐在那儿,并且 倾听.

    – Margaret J. Wheatley , writer玛格莉特‧惠特尼, 作家

  7. Wang says:

    最常出现的问题就是,” 到底怎么了?”
    探究的心可以帮助你取得知识并且成长, 但有时却不能做甚么.
    询问细节不能帮助一个人走出伤痛… 只是你想这么做而已.
    请记住; 如果一个经历痛苦的人走向你, 放下你的自我.
    你唯一要做的是保留空间, 当需要时,提供你的肩膀并且安慰他们.
    就像你自己希望用自己的方式一样.~ 造物主

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