To Mourn Or Celebrate

As always, you have a choice; you can mourn those that chose to cross over or celebrate who they were in their Earth-plane existence. Returning to The Universe has always been a joyous occasion regardless of the mode of crossing. ~ Creator

11 thoughts on “To Mourn Or Celebrate

  1. Purplewenny says:

    The most natural thing-ashes to ashes,dust to dust.
    Smile to it . ❤

  2. Boudichung says:

    Living in the now, nothing but life .✤

  3. Wang says:

    无论以何种方式回归宇宙都是一件喜悦的事。 ~ 造物主

  4. Wang says:

    I do not fear death.
    I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born,
    and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.

    – Mark Twain , Writer马克‧吐温,作家

  5. Wang says:

    If my doctor told me I had only six minutes to live,
    I wouldn’t brood.
    I’d type a little faster.

    – Isaac Asimov, writer艾萨克‧艾西莫夫, 作家(1920-1992)

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