16 thoughts on “Loved

  1. Shengwen says:

    Once a begger woman, next incarnation a pretty princess.
    Which one is loved ?

  2. Peggy says:

    Each of us is very important to the Universe.
    They are equally loved by Father.
    So, love oneself and then others . ❤❤

  3. Osiearth says:

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  4. hyavision11 says:

  5. Wang says:

    Love isn’t finding a perfect person.
    It’s seeing an imperfect person perfectly.

    – Sam Keen, author 山姆.金恩,作家

  6. Wang says:

    We are
    People who need to love, because
    Love is the soul’s life,
    Love is simply creation’s greatest joy.
    人需要爱, 因为

    – Hafiz, great poet of Persia(1320-1389)

  7. Wang says:

    你在地球表面上遇到的每一个人, 所有人都值得你爱.
    你需要的也许是凝視而非’雾里看花’ ~ 造物主

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  9. Lisa C says:

    Beautiful ❤

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