Let Love Flow

Love is the least understood human emotion on this Earth-plane. It is wrapped up in everything you do and say. And, unfortunately, most view it as a binding, chain or hook. However, if you let love flow in the way The Universe intended, anything is possible. ~ Creator

15 thoughts on “Let Love Flow

  1. Weiwei says:

    Tight binding of love is usualy sweet at the beginning,
    but it becomes bitter and stressful at the end . ஐ

  2. Peggy says:

    Love is blind sometimes , but it’s better than nothing. ❤

  3. Wang says:

    不论如何, 如果你让爱以宇宙所期待的方式流动 ,一切都有可能.
    ~ 造物主

  4. Wang says:

    Love is an endless mystery, fot it has nothing else to explain it.

    —Tagore, Indian poet. 泰戈尔, 印度詩人

  5. Wang says:

    Sweetest joy ,the wildest woe is love.

    –philip bailey American R&B, soul singer
    菲利浦 贝利, 美囯R&B,灵魂歌手

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