Every Single Thing

Take every single wonderful, inspiring, supportive, loving, caring, kind and sensitive thing anyone has ever said to you and stretch it to infinity; that is what The Universe knows you to be! ~ Creator


12 thoughts on “Every Single Thing

  1. Purplewenny says:

    It is more blessed to give than to receive .
    ○ ↔ ∞

  2. Peggy says:

    Be grateful for every soft and kind words from my family , my friends
    or a stranger on the street . ☀ ❤

  3. hyavision11 says:

  4. Wang says:

    接受任何人对你说的每一件美好, 激励人心, 支持, 充满爱, 关心,
    友善和细腻的事, 並将它扩展至无限 ;
    那就是宇宙认为的你 ! ~ 造物主

  5. Wang says:

    The ideals that have lighted my way, and time after time have given me
    new courage to face life cheerfully, have been Kindness, Beauty, and Truth.

    – Albert Einstein, Physicist 爱因斯坦,物理学家

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