If you approach your ‘attachments’ with the thought of finding your other half, neither of you will ever be complete. The Universe intended two wholes to make a whole. In knowing and loving yourself fully, you are then able to experience another in the same way. ~ Creator


13 thoughts on “Attachments

  1. Shengwen says:

    Softness and lovingness are our female parts,
    firmness and braveness are our male parts,
    complete ourselves with both parts ,
    and we are a whole . ☯

  2. George says:

    Self-love and self-accomplishment make us complete.
    Trying to seek love from others makes us exhausted .

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  4. ezoterika1 says:

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  5. Davo says:

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  6. Wang says:

    When you recognize that your twin flame is ascended, you can make
    an extra effort to attain union with your Christ self. When you do attain
    that union, you also attain union with your ascended twin flame,
    and you can then be here below as your twin flame is Above.
    那么,你在下面这儿 ,就如同你在上面的双生火焰.

    — Jesus 耶穌

  7. Wang says:

    如果你想用 找到自己的另一半,去完成你的 ‘爱情’ ,
    宇宙希望的是, 两个完整的个体一起去成为一个整体.

    你才能以同样的方式去感受你的另一半.~ 造物主

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