17 thoughts on “I Do, I Am, It Is

  1. Kristel says:

    I was just thinking yesterday that I have to throw the words fear and scared out of my vocabulary. Instead of saying/thinking I’m scared at the direction my goal has taken I could say I’m curious at the direction my goal has taken. Completely different energy to it.
    This message was very much on time for me. thx

  2. Shengwen says:

    Yes,change the thought and everything will be different.
    I have courage, I am fearless,it is the essence of my soul !

  3. Wang says:

    I hope everyone that is reading this is having a really good day.
    And if you are not, just know that in every new minute that passes
    you have an opportunity to change that.
    我希望每个读到这裡的人都很开心 ,如果你没有,

    – Gillian Anderson, Actress 吉莲‧安德森 ,女演员

  4. Wang says:

    你可以说,”我希望、我希望、我希望”, 而你想要的事物可能会(也可能不会)来到你身上。
    改变想法,改变能量,实相就会改变。~ 造物主

  5. antero7777 says:

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  6. Carol Rebers says:

    I do LOVE..I am LOVE….it is LOVE…..🌹

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