Bush Whacking

What you think is easy initially, ends up being the most challenging thing you have experienced thus far. Your Earth-plane existence calls for a bit of bush-whacking on occasion. “Off the beaten path” is far more interesting. ~ Creator


11 thoughts on “Bush Whacking

  1. Annie Coleman says:

    I love off the beaten path! Thanks for sharing ❤

  2. Weiwei says:

    My house is very close to the main road.
    It’s beaten all the time , and I like to be off the beaten path .

  3. Wang says:

    一开始你认为简单的事, 却以你迄今所体验过最具挑战性的结局收尾.
    你在地球表面上的生活, 有时会需要做些披荆斩棘的事儿 .
    “远离尘嚣, 特立独行” 说不定会更有意思.

  4. Wang says:

    I never really think, ‘Oh, I want to be or play like so-and-so.’
    I just like being myself.

    – Maria Sharapova, Tennis Player 玛丽亚‧莎拉波娃, 网球选手

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