Giving and Receiving

My beautiful child, this is one of the most important lessons you will learn.  If you feel like giving then give all you want.  However, if you feel that you must give to receive something in return then it may not be a good idea to continue.  If you want to receive, then receive.  However, if you feel that receiving is tied to some condition then thank the person and gently refuse.  Compromising yourself or your beliefs for another hinders growth and breeds resentment….the very things you are choosing to release.  Listen to your heart, the truth is there and will always guide you in the proper direction. ~ Creator


14 thoughts on “Giving and Receiving

  1. Binder says:

    Thank you !

  2. Dna L'Infini says:

    Reblogged this on Light Flowering.

  3. May I share your wonderful posts on my sites, with credit of course?

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