Quiet Time

Dear one; you may be feeling as if someone has hit the pause button on your recent growth process.  When these moments occur, do not create things to busy yourself.  The making of chaos for chaos’ sake accomplishes nothing worthwhile.  Instead, allow yourself the time and breathing space to enjoy the plateau.  There is great and exhilarating work in the year ahead.  Rest, treat your physical body well, nurture your spiritual self and reacquaint yourself with the practice of deep gratitude.  Once the forward movement begins again, you will be glad for the strength you have gathered in this quiet time. ~ Creator


14 thoughts on “Quiet Time

  1. thank you- needed this today.

  2. Morag says:

    Thank you a gentle reminder xx

  3. Dioro says:

    thank you for always reminding me of the truth!!! Your messages are daily vitamin for my soul.

  4. Reblogged this on Forever Unlimited and commented:
    Yes. Time in nature!

  5. eagleflys says:

    “Quiet Time”‘In this moment those words have reached my soul,and given me the deepest understanding of where I have reached at this time.I give my love and thank you from my heart,to “all that is”

  6. eagleflys says:

    Thank you for allowing this to be

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