Free Flowing

The energy that is you is not meant to be ‘controlled’. Control is a very human term. Rather than trying to contain a free-flowing thing, know that it can be directed in the highest and best way. ~ Creator


6 thoughts on “Free Flowing

  1. Nederlandse vertaling: Vrij stromend.
    De energie die jij bent is niet bedoeld om ‘gecontroleerd’ te worden.
    ‘Controle’ is een zeer menselijke term.
    Eerder dan te proberen om een vrij stromend ding te begrijpen,
    weet dat het kan geleid worden op de hoogste en beste manier. Schepper.

  2. Reblogged this on unity2013 and commented:
    Yep. Allow all things to do as they please. Do no harm, thus no harm will be done to anyone, this is what we are creating. All live in peace, harmony, joy, abundance…all has everything they need.

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