What Do You See?

When you are experiencing a challenging situation, look at yourself and your reactions to others actions as an observer. What do you see? How can you change?  What do you wish to let go of? The situation will only remain toxic, difficult or hurtful if you let it. ~ Creator

5 thoughts on “What Do You See?

  1. Reblogged this on Forever Unlimited and commented:
    Yep. Don’t I know it! We have to find a way to transcend the B.S. Surrender & Release. Forgive, let go, let God, and be thankful for what does not challenge us, but supports us instead.

  2. Paulus Peeters says:

    Nederlandse vertaling: Wat zie je?

    Als je een uitdagende situatie ervaart, kijk dan naar jezelf en je reacties op anderen hun acties als een waarnemer. Wat zie je? Hoe kan je veranderen? Wat wens je los te laten? De situatie zal alleen maar giftig, moeilijk of kwetsend blijven als je dat toestaat. Schepper.

  3. Krishna Dev says:

    Most people I know and meet lack self-restraint in their behavior. They pay no regard whatsoever to how they should be behaving. It just makes me sad.
    Instead of looking at their own actions and correcting themselves they first want the whole world to be corrected and changed based on their feelings.
    Disappointing social situation indeed.

    Hari Om!
    Krishna Dev

  4. WELLNESS says:

    Worked at this for 5 yrs and finally making peace with myself. Let it be, let it go and let God.

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