Time To Work


You are awakening. Every moment of every day you are being given the opportunity to learn, grow and find out exactly where you fit into the grand scheme of things. If you are unsure as to which direction you should go, ask yourself these questions; 

What do I want to accomplish in this life? 
How far am I willing to go to make changes within myself?

Am I truly in a space where I can love myself exactly the way I am?
What do I need to change to become the best version of me?
How much am I willing to take before I say it is time for a change?

For you, as a human, these can be very challenging questions but, when you find the answers within, they ones that will offer the most growth and learning. My beautiful child, do not wait. It is time to go to work. ~ Creator 


6 thoughts on “Time To Work

  1. Jacqueline peterson says:

    I am afrai right now for my life I am being tormented by dark ones oswaldo gulugoff Kaplan in Lima Peru South America and by yajure surf hostel while attempting to spread love and peace as I have been ding all my life I love myself and I love you. And thank you for being with me and within me in this energy shift to peace and love on the little planet earth I am in Central America San Juan del sur Nicaragua at hotel Victoria please protect me here and yes I will go go to work and continue to spread love and peace love jacqueline

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  3. Ascension Angels says:

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    Worthwhile considerations…

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