Self Love


Societal programming has made you keenly aware of this thought; taking care of and thinking about yourself

first makes you selfish. Only when you can truly take care of and think of yourself first, can you do it for others. It is the first step to self-love. ~ Creator 

9 thoughts on “Self Love

  1. Jacqueline peterson says:

    I am doing that now creators I will be selfish and take care of myself and be happy pure love and that will emulate to all being around my energy. Thank you to my dear friend semjase I have known this all this lifetime and endured what I was here for so now I am. I am. I am. Me once again love jacqueline peterson

  2. Jacqueline peterson says:

    I am burning the past and loving myself thank you creators love jacqueline

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  4. Ascension Angels says:

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    Thank you Creator through Jennifer 🙂

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    Know thyself. Love thyself. Heal thyself. ❤

  6. Jacqueline peterson says:

    I am. I am. I am love joy and harmony I love myself and thank you creators for everything and for saving this pretty little planet and helping me spread peace and pure love please be with me in Nicaragua Central America love love jacqueline

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