15 thoughts on “Who You Are

  1. Jacqueline peterson says:

    I am I know and I am with you I love myself and love you creators love jacqueline

  2. Jacqueline peterson says:

    I remember who I am and semjase from Pleiades was and is my friend thank you dear creators I am with you and archangels Michael and exakial and thank Katherine for the channeling love light and happy and welcome to this little blue planet love and joy jacqueline

  3. steven says:

    I stopped smoking and eating meat i have never been a drinker and this is how i want to be when people ask we why i became vegetarian i would say could you kill that animal yourself most of the time it would stop there as each time people buy meat it is from a different animal as the animals want to live and hang on to life as much as we do

  4. Ascension Angels says:

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    Thank you Creator through Jennifer 🙂

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    “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” ~Oscar Wilde

  7. Jacqueline peterson says:

    Now I have pure love and peace to you love jacqueline

  8. Jacqueline peterson says:

    I am love pure love and thank you for helping rid this planet of the cabal and the dark ones

  9. ezoterika1 says:

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  10. sahib says:

    i don’t
    know who i am

  11. Jacqueline peterson says:

    I love pure love jacqueline

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