Healing Of Self


Sometimes it is perfectly okay to say, “Rather than healing the World today, I am going to heal myself”.

When you practice self-love and self-respect, you really are healing the world by starting with yourself. ~ Creator 

11 thoughts on “Healing Of Self

  1. Jacqueline Peterson says:

    I am healing , please help me , oswaldo gulugoff Kaplan is cyber stalking me from Mira floras Lima Peru , ove a sound studio he owns , please , sweep him away , he’s in my and trying to block my energy by threating to kill me please please , his birthdate is 1/4/1960 please he is hurting me ..thank you , love light , Jacqueline

  2. Ascension Angel says:

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    Thank you Creator through Jennifer 🙂

  3. ezoterika1 says:

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    Those of us in the healing professions know this ongoing challenge to finding our balance.

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