Fear Or Faith


Fear and faith are unable to exist together. The Universe wants you to know that it has not and never will punish you for the decisions and choices you make. That is a purely human concept. If you spend your time in fear there will never be room for faith….or Love. To embrace faith, you must release fear! ~ Creator

11 thoughts on “Fear Or Faith

  1. Reblogged this on Walks Far Woman and commented:
    Absolute Truth

  2. tsizzles says:

    Awesome stuff. Love to see more uplifting and mind-challenging posts like this. What moved you to put this up?

  3. Sounds so spiritual – but it is actually deceptive false teaching based on the biggest lie of the century called “unconditional love”. Do as you please and do what feels good, and the universe still loves you unconditionally. Pure Crap!!

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