Part Of The Universal Plan


Inside you exists a very important part of something so much bigger than you realize. That small spark of The Divine you carry in your heart will soon unite with the others and bring about a huge explosion of Light the likes of which has never been seen on your Earth plane. Carry it carefully, breathe love into it and know YOU are part of The Universal Plan. ~ Creator

15 thoughts on “Part Of The Universal Plan

  1. […] Originally posted on The Creator Writings: […]

  2. […] Originally posted on The Creator Writings: […]

  3. Keith R. says:

    Thanks for this message, it has such synchronicity with an experience I had today. Typically when driving, I’ve been making a “heart connection” with the sun and also with the Earth’s core. Think of it like input – output. I’ve been doing this for a while now, but recently switched to a heart focused connection. Well today when I was envisioning these connections on the way home, immediately when I opened the conduit I saw a star flow directly in to my heart! I knew that this was another piece of me that I was ready to accept now. Even now when I focus inward I can feel the energy there in my heart. It is truely amazing!

  4. oystergirl99 says:

    YEAHHHHH!!!!! 🙂 Jenny, I love your shares so much! Alex

  5. franheal says:

    Reblogged this on franheal and commented:
    Thank you Jennifer and Creator♥

  6. pikas22nce says:

    So awesome! Talk about something going viral!

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