Something Special


Take a moment and think of all the times you told yourself, “I’m nothing special.” Now, ask The Universe to show you who/what/how you REALLY are. For every ‘nothing special’ moment you have ever had, there are a hundred moments that you have been something VERY special to someone or something. Whether near or far, there are people that recognized your Divine Spark and celebrated you for simply being the human being you are. Even when you do not feel it; you are, always have been and always will be something special! ~ Creator

11 thoughts on “Something Special

  1. Arlyuna says:

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  2. boeboedada says:

    BEING NOW…IS the KEY to eternity,ENJOY…BEing…Pipo JEsus said same=I AM that I AM…/Also BOEDDHA…said same & mohammed ….and other eternal BEINGS/They forgot to tell you Flora and Fauna KNOW> to have been CREATED by OUR Father/Only people have to learn/That is why you are a soul in a body on trip on earth/Enjoy being NOW…Only REAL TIME!

  3. I needed to read this today…and I needed to share it as well…thank YOU

  4. dawnofdivinerays says:

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  5. D says:

    So true! Each and everybody is special in their own ways! 😊💗💞

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