Do You See Beauty?


Beauty. What is beauty to you? It comes in many forms; movement, laughter, tears and yes, it even exists in what may seem to be an incoherent mess of tangled emotions. Beauty weaves itself through every strand of your life. If you do not see at least one beautiful thing a day, The Universe invites you to take a closer look at what you may have missed. ~ Creator


8 thoughts on “Do You See Beauty?

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  2. dawnofdivinerays says:

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  3. Jennifer says:

    yes, i find myself saying “beautiful!” all the time, and loving it, but also feeling a bit repetitive:-))))

  4. gillian kathryn johns says:

    With beauty there has to be truth for when those two combine then we allow our heart to start to become in its hearts desires start to manifest and then each individual meshes with the whole cuz in heaven which means harmony when we realized and can assess our potential energy and spiral into your heart’s frequency then more and more of us can see oh my goodness we have been freely saying I’m separate from source of all things…oh my gosh I’m in error really easy to correct just like the planet has been out of atonement by us asking to be ence again connected to the source of sll that egzizts this is to say with hands raised in all four directions and u forever five I now ask for life and if u have true intent it is given then u r more more able to respect true beauty for does beauty enlist when not seen ..yes I inside u to test this theory to close your eyes and plug your ears and begin to feel beauty it dwells say down deep barrier so deep under our cobwebs of reductions of self and of your truth this is dew to the only mistake u may have had ..we each as infants believe that how we r treated is how we deserve to be treated there for fever not able to self actually forever manifesting your dis instead of your bliss…may all the powers that be bring harmony to all the lost and found children and allthat is true to now manifest now let our collective beauty manifest so we can be all we came to be and it is so be it this or something greater…love from beloveddaughter as truthsayer

  5. Another inspiring gem!

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