Opening Up



You cannot change others by force of will or ego. You can stay in your truth, know your own mind and take care of your own needs. However, if you are directed onto a path that is unknown, it can benefit you to open yourself up to the broader perspective of infinite possibilities. ~ Creator

10 thoughts on “Opening Up

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  4. Waverider1 says:

    Exactly what IS happening, NOW (staying in ‘my’ truth, striding onto a heretofore unknown path, opening to and joyfully embracing the unlimited possibilities). ‘Onwards and Upwards!’ I proclaim whole-Heartedly, and with shameless vigor and unbridled enthusiasm!

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    Szabad akarattal rendelkezünk, amit Istentől kaptunk, ezt nem sértheti meg senki, de egyben felelősséggel is tartozunk.

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