Your Life, Your Creation


The first step to healing and growth is to realize that you have created just about everything in your Earth plane existence. Good, bad or indifferent; everything is yours. Own it. It is completely up to you to change or leave it as it is. Free will always has, and always will be, yours. ~ Creator

10 thoughts on “Your Life, Your Creation

  1. dawnofdivinerays says:

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    It’s hard to believe that all that we’ve been experiencing is what we have ‘attracted’/drawn to our life’s experiences. There must be some kind of lessons to learn. All soul contracts are done and we have the free will to attract goodness, joy, peace, stability, good health and financial freedom on our journey – Here and Now and so it is.

  2. tazjima says:

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    Love these little bits of wisdom. Thanks, Jennifer.

  3. BH says:

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    Beautiful, Jennifer! Thank you! Much love! ❤

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