Others will attempt to make you afraid of every little thing on your Earth plane. It is important to realize that you are always given a choice in the way you feel, perceive the world and people around you. You can choose to be afraid or you can release that fear with Love to The Universe. ~ Creator


7 thoughts on “Afraid

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    Love 🙂

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    Be your own ‘driver’ and chart your journey with peace, love, compassion and balance. No one should be given the ‘power’ to push ‘your button’ on how to feel and when to feel unless you choose to give your power away and to allow others to ‘push your button’. Claim your power back, release the ‘button’ with much love and gratitude and know that you’re safe within yourself and no one outside of your heart have that ‘power’ to push that button anymore. Keep the faith, peace and balance within yourself and so it is. Reiki blessings forever!

  3. Maggie Warne says:

    Thank you. Childhood fear can have a lasting affect on ourselves and our lives, releasing this fear and now seeing and knowing differently then also has a lasting affect for the future, I have just done this again.

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