Peace And Quiet



Too often you let the war within take over the flow of the Universe. Head/heart, logical/illogical, right/wrong, good/evil, close/distant, love/hate……..none of this really matters. When the war is over, the Universe is still waiting, as calm and quiet as it has ever been, for your return to peace. ~ Creator


13 thoughts on “Peace And Quiet

  1. Reblogged this on Kim Kersey Blog and commented:
    Ahhhh ….. 🙂

  2. Kerry says:

    I love the still, peace, and quite. It helps me to get grounded and most of all it helps me want to be still, peaceful, and quite a lot more. Just think about it, this is the true priority.

  3. Kerry says:

    BEing new to the awakening, I appreciate your messages that you provide. For me, it is easy to get so busy studying everything I can to “redeem the time.” I have the summer off, and literally taking every moment to grasp, study, and learn everything about the awakening. You messages are my main focus throughout the day. So many questions, so little time, “what is a man to do?” How about Peace and Quiet?

  4. premilana says:

    Where I can get picture like that,girl reading book in nature

  5. Maggie Warne says:

    Thank you, I feel myself returning to the natural flow again. Peace… ahhh bliss.

  6. Mor Alev says:

    Reblogged this on Mor Alev and commented:
    Çok fazla sıklıkla Evrenin akışına savaşın hakim olmasına izin veriyorsunuz. Kafa/kalp, mantıklı/mantıksız, doğru/yanlış, iyi/kötü, yakın/uzak, sevgi/nefret ….. Bunların hiçbirinin gerçekte hiçbir önemi yok. Savaş bittiğinde Evren hala bekliyor olacak sizin huzur ve barışa geri dönüşünüzü, her zaman olduğu gibi sakin ve sessiz – Yaratan

  7. FeatherMoon says:

    Profoundly beautiful ~ Linda

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