The Sun



Each of you is a Sun in the center of your own galaxy,lighting and warming even the coldest reaches. Very soon, there will be a time when the brilliance of you will overlap with others and envelope any darkness remaining with pure love. ~ Creator


10 thoughts on “The Sun

  1. PhillipTMorley says:

    yep …. Brilliant as usual Jennifer, PhillipTMorley OOO

  2. gnosticalchemist says:

    ….flow within the sacred liquid light embracing your Universal Being of Celestial Light & Love for we are love we are love we are love….

  3. irenealomar says:

    YES INDEED WE are!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Maggie Warne says:

    Love this, thank you.

  5. dawnofdivinerays says:

    Reblogged this on Dawn of Divine Rays and commented:
    We are Everything in our own Galaxy, therefore be careful of your thoughts because it matters.

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