The Empty Cup


In showing great care for yourself first, you are able to extend that care to those around you. This is not selfishness; this is self-love, self-respect and self-honoring. A cup cannot pour to another if it is empty. ~ Creator


11 thoughts on “The Empty Cup

  1. Waverider1 says:

    EXACTLY! One cannot give what one does not have — or IS. This is where the axiom, ‘Give to receive’, kicks in. You see, by ‘giving’ you acknowledge implicitly that you HAVE to give — and therefore you DO! Also, from a higher perspective, since we are all One, ‘you’ can only give to ‘your Self’ anyway, whether you give to yourself (your individuated body-mind), or to other Aspects of your Self (perceived as ‘other’ body-minds)! So it all works out beautifully, doesn’t it? 🙂

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    This is one of my most passionate messages, thanks Jennifer x

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  4. Maggie Warne says:

    Thank you, I love your writings.
    Love Maggie

  5. irenealomar says:


  6. This is so true as self-care is something we can easily forget to do during our trials and tribulations! In fact there are many people out there who don’t know how to give themselves what they need, and thus have to learn how to recognise, translate and reframe their internal dialogue, before they can start to give themselves what they really need.

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