There will be moments where you experience an issue so troubling and raw that you feel you are being “paid back” for some err of judgment. You will find yourself thinking, “I am drawing this painful experience because of something I’ve done.” This is the furthest thing from the truth, my love! Some experiences will come to you because you are the PERFECT person My Love can be travel through to heal the situation. Even though it is challenging, remember to remain centered, show your compassion in the best way possible and know The Universe is guiding you to a healthy, safe resolution that works in your highest and best way. ~ Creator

7 thoughts on “Challenges…

  1. Zee says:

    this one is brilliant – I do feel this is the absolute truth. Once I began to relax, trust, and allow that particular experience to pass through me as an energy that needed to be healed, it passed quickly, and without harm to anyone. Often, soon after, I will see other evidence that the world is waking up from that particular nightmare, and that is confirmation that I played my part perfectly. Thank God….

  2. nattietee says:

    Just beautiful. Thank you

  3. tazjima says:

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    With so much love to you all beautiful people.

    If you’re not feeling in the high vibe, if you’ve got ‘stuff’ going on, allow yourself to feel the emotion. Just feel it. No analysis, trying to change it, simple feel….

    Whatever the situation ask yourself ‘What’s the emotion underneath?’ and then feel that.

    I’m reposting this beautiful message from The Creator Writings.



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